Alliance for Children in Trafficking (ACT)

Our mission is to serve as the national leader in coordinating and uniting efforts to end the labor and sex trafficking of youth.  We know we can’t do this alone so we are seeking a broad range of partners. Our strategic plan includes:

  • Improving awareness of modern recruitment techniques among youth and their caregivers, school professionals, faith-based organizations and other community points.
  • Improving healthcare professionals’ abilities to identify young victims and potential victims of human trafficking.
  • Development of common protocols and professional education for healthcare providers, mental health specialists, social service workers, school professionals, and others who encounter children.
  • Coordination and communication among healthcare professionals, law enforcement, legal aid and referral to survivor services.
  • Education and stakeholder advocacy in order to improve victim outcomes and help them become survivors.

Our Plan and Achievements



The Alliance for Children in Trafficking is developing three continuing education modules for healthcare providers, social workers, educators, first responders and others who interact with potential child and teen victims of human trafficking. The first course, Human Trafficking 101, educates participants about this $32 billion criminal industry and its prevalence in all communities and sectors of our society. Participants will also learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking in child victims and understand situations and challenges that make kids susceptible to trafficking predators. Human Trafficking 101 is available on PedsCESM

Module two will dive deeper into the role of the healthcare provider in diagnosing and treating human trafficking victims while module three will cover subsequent interventions and preventive efforts.

Module 1
Human Trafficking
Module 2
Coming Summer 2018
Module 3
Coming Fall 2018
We are looking for a wide range of organizations interested in joining the Alliance for Children in Trafficking to increase public awareness and educate professionals who can identify and aid children being trafficked. Learn more.