Become a Partner or Supporter

Partnering with NAPNAP Partners for Vulnerable Youth (NPVY) and the Alliance for Children in Trafficking (ACT) is as varied as our partners. Our partners contribute in-kind services, time, money, expertise, connections, research and advocacy efforts. Here are some of the ways you can partner with NPVY or support ACT.

Partner with NAPNAP Partners for Vulnerable Youth:

  • Be a major underwriter of NAPNAP Partners and help fund a program manager to coordinate activities.
  • Be a major underwriter of NAPNAP Partners overall operations.
  • Underwrite this website and ongoing maintenance.

Become a partner of NAPNAP Partners for Vulnerable Youth by completing our partners application

Support the Alliance for Children in Trafficking:

  • Underwrite the development of continuing education resources for pediatric healthcare providers.
  • Underwrite the development and ongoing maintenance of a dynamic database of pediatric survivor services and other referral services.
  • Monitor federal and state legislation.
  • Support major national communications programs to pediatric healthcare providers and the public.
  • Support major prevention and awareness programs to youth and their caregivers to prevent kids from being recruited.
  • Underwrite continuing education courses for individual pediatric healthcare providers.
  • Fund our train-the-trainer course so we can directly impact the local level.
  • Fund volunteers to speak to community and faith-based organizations, student groups and others on prevention and early identification efforts.
  • Help with an Ad Council and similar public awareness campaigns.
  • Facilitation and fund data collection and underwrite research studies.
  • Underwrite the development of undergraduate and graduate curriculum for pediatric healthcare students.
  • Sponsor a national interdisciplinary national summit to generate actionable ideas and programs to eradicate trafficking of youth.

You can support one of the above activites by becoming an Alliance for Children in Trafficking Supporter. Complete our supporter application to get involved. If you are interested in human trafficking education, please go to our 3-PARRT or ACT Advocates program pages. 

Contact Eileen Arnold-Ley at 917-746-8305 or with any questions you have about partner or supporter opportunities.